Board Members

San Bruno AYSO Region 249 Board Members

Commissioner - Vince Gigi E-Mail

Asstant Commissioner - Mike Rodriguez E-Mail

Treasurer - Larry Dillard E-Mail

Safety Director - Joe Meyer  E-Mail

Assistant Safety* - Robert Ayala

Co Coach Administrators - Chris Hart & Rick Eastwood E-Mail

Coach Instructor - open E-Mail

Referee Administrator - Melanie Casperson E-Mail

Referee Admin. Assistant* - Brian Muldowney

Referee Instructor - Carlos DeLeon E-Mail

Referee Assessor - Ron Kratochvil E-mail

Registrar - Melanie Casperson E-Mail

Assistant Registrar* - Mary Coonrod

CVPA - Ruben Halili E-Mail

Auditor* - Open E-Mail

U19-U16 Coordinator - Julia Dale Jenson E-Mail

U19/16 Assist. Coordinator - Yvonne Fazzino E-Mail

U14 Coordinator - Julia Dale Jensen E-Mail

U12 Coordinator -Brian Muldowney E-Mail

U10 Coordinator - Phillip Weaver E-Mail

U10 Coordinator - Chris Hart E-Mail

U8 CoordinatorElliott Johnson E-Mail

U8 Assist Coordinator* - OPEN

U6 Coordinators - Carmen Rogers E-Mail

U6 Asst. Coordinator - Greg Pierce

U5 Coordinator - Vince Gigi E-Mail

U5 Coordinator Assistant* - Open

VIP Coordinator - Rosa Perez E-Mail

Cultural Exchange - OPEN E-Mail

Field Directors - Greg Pierce & Joe Meyer E-Mail

Sponsorship - Larry Dillard E-Mail

Secretary - Lynnette Orcholski E-Mail

Publications - Larry Dillard E-Mail

Purchaser - Manny Cotla E-Mail

Scheduler - Ruben Halili/Larry Dillard E-Mail

Web Administrators - Larry Dillard- E-Mail

Dinner Dance Coordiantor* - Victoria Gigi- E-Mail

Team Parent/Banner Coordinator* - Larry Dillard E-Mail

Summer Kicks* - Carmen, Elliott, Rick E-Mail

Turkey Tournament* - Larry Dillard E-Mail

Frieworks Coordinator * - Mike Rodriguez E-Mail

Soccerfest Director* - Greg Pierce E-Mail

 *Non-Voting Board Position

+ Tentative pending Board Vote

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San Bruno AYSO Region 249
PO Box 581, San Bruno, CA 94066
For more information call (650) 873-AYSO (2976)